Friday, November 21, 2014

Pizza Day!

A favorite part of learning about food and each other (what, you only like green olives on your pizza?), is Pizza Day. We all get to bring in our favorite pizza topping for our own pizza, and to share with friends.

It is an experience to work with real pizza dough. How much lour does it take to make the dough not sticky?

We get to choose what goes on our pizzas. It is interesting watching what other friends choose.

Pizzas ready to go in the oven. Just a little bit of flour on the floor.

Finished Dolphin pizzas! Mushrooms, spinach, goat cheese, olives, and many more toppings. Yum!

While we waited for the pizzas to cook, we made paper pizzas in the art space.

They are delicious!

The Sea Otters made pizzas on English muffins.

After making our pizzas, we sat and waited, watching them cook in the toaster oven.

Another yum!

A big sister came to the Orca class and helped us get ready. So many different toppings to put in bowls!

We shaped our pizzas, put them on the pan,

and then we added our toppings.

Ready for the oven! This little girl has a green olive pizza. Gourmet all the way!

While we waited for the pizzas to cook we had a play dough pizza parlor. Look at these delicious beauties!



double YUM!


One thing a lot of young children like to do is put things in lines.

A silly puppet show about ghosts.

Here's a little bird preparing to fly. You can do it, little bird!

Count to three, and then jump! 

These little birds are building their nest. Some tea is an important thing to have in your nest.

This little bird worked very hard building his nest. It has two floors: eating on the lower floor, and sleeping upstairs.

While learning about food we learned about Red Foods (eat just a little) and Green Light Foods (eat a lot to grow big and healthy). 

Hmmm, this is challenging. Being a plummer is hard work.

We all brought in some fruit for a class fruit salad. We used our knoves to cut up the fruit.

We had to work together to get the pomegranate seeds out.

We learned which side of the knife cuts, and that a sawing motion seems to work best.

Our finished fruit salad. Doesn't it look yummy?

We made a whipping cream-yogurt dip for our fruit salad, and used toothpicks to dip the fruit into the yummy dip. Divine!

Ah, more lining things up. It's always good to be able to repeat things several times. That's how we learn the best.


A wild crazy ride in a wagon full of leaves.

Helping Mama by taking out the trash and recycling.

This day we were mamas and daddys washing dishes. This daddy helped us! Go dad!


On Halloween day the Sea Otters and Orcas had class. The Sea Otters made Jack-o-Lantern headbands. Talk about cute little punkin' heads!

We made spiders with wiggly legs. It was fun using the stapler.

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate...

Dancing spiders and ghosts!

The Orca class made masks out of paper grocery bags. They could be whatever they wanted to be, and they had fun with the challenge of how to make the bag look the way they wanted.

Then we had a Halloween Parade to the song Monster Mash.

More spider dancing, and then a wild dance with ghosts to the ghost Buster theme.

Hey, mom an dad! Can you figure out which one is me?

Sea Otters

This is such a cute class of mostly boys. They are really making some friendships, and it's been fun to watch them begin to play together.

Here we are making pumpkin soup. Lots of scooping and pouring, and chatter.

A sweet snuggle in the doll bed.

Shopping at the grocery store... Hmmm, what shall I buy?

Bringing home the food from the store and making a picnic for friends.

Pasta day was fun. So many different shapes of pasta came to school, and they sure were yummy for snack!

Every child has their own interests and strengths. This little guy is fascinated with letters. You should hear him sing the ABC song!

Playing family in the dollhouse.

Lots of people going for a ride in the car and the truck. Who will drive?

These boys are having deep phone conversations with, who else? Their moms!

Hooray for fall!