Monday, October 5, 2015

Please donate through One Call for All

Yes, it's that time of year, the time when the red envelopes appear in Bainbridge Island mailboxes. These envelopes have the power to help thousands. They do through an organization called ONE CALL FOR ALL, the Island's own version of United Way.

Local non-profit organizations can belong to OCFA, who does one major ask annually. This cuts down on all 80-100 organizations asking residents to support their program.

One Call for All
Island Co-op Preschool supports is financial assistance for needy families with funds received from OCFA. Please consider making a donation to our school when you receive your red envelope, or you can donate on line at

Thank you!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Outside at ICP

One of the favorite and most special parts of our preschool is the fabulous outside spaces the parents and children designed and built. We try every day to have a good long time outside, and a lot of learning happens in our outdoor spaces.
The weather has been great so far this year. We have played outside a lot, this day even adding water play. The Orcas built a bridge over the pond. It was wiggly, and made the kids fall off when they crossed it. 

We had to figure out how to make it not be so wiggly.

We also got out a gutter and made a second pond a little farther away. We had to work hard to get the water into the new pond.

We had a great picnic snack under the apple trees.

The sand area has been very popular with the Dolphin class,

and the mud kitchen is fun, too.

Oh, and don;t forget the swings!

Every child brought a spring flower bulb to school. It was interesting to see how different all of the bulbs were.

We planted them in the planters in front of the school. They have to sleep through the cold winter before they wake up in the spring.

Even the littlest ones helped plant their bulbs.

We found worms in the dirt.

How lucky we are to share these special times with our parents!

Getting to know you in the Sea Otter class

There is so much learning happening in the Sea Otter class!
We have been working on a group art project using nature colors and different art tools. We started with sunflowers, and now have lilies. We have also used paper, glue and glitter. It's looking fantastic!

We are learning how to take off the marker caps at the Writing Center, and then make sure we get them back on when we are finished.

We have learned how to climb up to look out the window to see the birds and squirrels, and how to get back down safely. We are also learning how to climb safely up and down from the loft, and how to use the basket and pulley.

Look! It's my family! The children have their family pictures where they can see them, and share them.

It's been fun being a mommy at school. There are lots of babies to take care of.

Outside is another whole adventure of exploration and learning! 

It's fun to make music on the music wall. We love school!

So far in the Dolphin class...

We have been having a lot of fun in the Dolphin class. We are learning to be comfortable with our old and new friends, and the routines and activities at school.
Everything is always better with a friend.

Not all of our preschool friends are people! These are our new turtle friends, Irma and Ellie.

We get to help make their food. They are omnivorous, like us, meaning they eat meat and fruit and veggies. We cut up their food, and add some wiggly meal worms. 

We also wash the turtle's pool, and give them fresh water. They put their heads down in the water when they are drinking.

There are lots of things to explore together,

and we love listening to stories.

We have been trying lots of different tools at the art table.

It seems to help if you open your mouth as you open your scissors' mouth, too!

This Year's Orca Class

It has been a great start to the new school year in the Orca class. We have 15 happy, eager children who are loving their time together. We have been learning the Circle Rules, as well as the Listening Rules:
Eyes are watching.

...ears are listening,

... voices quiet,

... bodies calm! We are learning how to be respectful of our friends, and our school.

We went on an outside treasure hunt on the playground.

We worked together to find each thing.

We marked them off with an "X," and put the form in our portfolios. The children are excited to do work to go in their portfolios.

We also drew our first self-portrait. 
We looked in the mirror and drew what we saw. Our moms and dads drew, too. We will do this several times throughout the year.

Teacher Ellen has been bringing fun books from the library. We love to listen to stories.

One day we observed the rat, Fern. We had many questions, such as, "Where is her poop?" and "Why does she have a climbing structure in her cage?" We will continue to observe and learn about our preschool pets, the rat, the turtles, and the walking sticks.

We have also been observing the birds and squirrels that come to the feeders outside. There is a bird book there to help us learn what kind of birds we are seeing.

On Friday we made chocolate chip cookies. Our math question of the day was, "Do you like cookies or cake better?" More people like cake, but we made cookies instead. We will bake cake for the Orca Reunion soon.

We had to work together to make the cookies.

There were a lot of helpers.

We read a story called, "The Doorbell Rang." In it the mama made cookies for her two children. They divided the cookies to eat, and then the doorbell rang, and more children arrived, so they had to keep dividing the cookies up. 

We looked at how many cookies we had made, and we guessed (estimated) how many we thought each of us would get. Then we divided them up, and we each got three and a half! We talked about who we would share them with. They were yummy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What We Are All About

 How do we at Island Co-op Preschool see the child? We see him or her as capable, curious, and caring. We see each child as the unique person they are, with their own wealth of experiences, interests and wonders. 
We are a family, and we take the time to learn about each other, and the world around us.

We believe that parents are the best first teachers, and so we do whatever we can to support and strengthen parents, and the parent-child relationship. 

We believe we learn best when we learn together.

We make time for connection.

Your family is our family and you are all welcome.

We care for all parts of the child: the strong ones, and the tender ones.

We start simply, but leave room for all of the growing you need to do.

What do you see? What do you think?

We explore concepts and ideas in as many different ways as we can.

We allow for room to do it over and over if you want to.

We try new things.

We taste new things.

Who are you? Are you like me?

We learn about the world around us.

We follow the path to adventure.

If it hasn't been in the hands...

... it can't be in the head.

Everything is connected...

... all creatures, great and small.

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to fly, but we're always there when you're ready to land.

It's more fun to do it together.

There's comfort in sharing together,

reaching for the stars,

or having a snuggle.

We learn about compassion,

and caring for the natural world around us.

It doesn't matter what age you are,

life is a celebration, and we want to share it with you!