Sunday, March 23, 2014

Learning about waste and consumption

The Eco-School topic for winter quarter has been reducing our waste and consumption. We always pick up litter when we are out. Here we have our gloves on so we can sort and graph the kinds of litter we find.

We worked together to build Trashy Town.

In Trashy Town, the people throw their garbage everywhere! Soon the town is covered with garbage.

We cleaned it up and took it to the landfill, but then that was filled to the brim! No more room! What shall we do with all of the garbage?

We talked about loving and caring for our Earth home. We died cheese blue and used pesto to make a world pizza.

We loved our world pizza!

We made better recycling signs for our homes and for school.

And we made a large recycling poster.

We used recyclable materials to create new things, like this crayon holder made from paper cups.

Look at this fantastic pair of binoculars! She can see the whole world!

This is interesting.

And this boy made a model of an incinerator plant where garbage can be burned. We wrote a book where we burned garbage, but ended up needing magic in the end to get rid of the black ash that was left.

We all brought something from home that we have reused, from milk carton berry picking holders, to treasure cans, to jars and containers being reused to hold different kinds of food. We have really embraced this learning, and talk about it a lot with our families.

Learning about our bodies.

The Dolphin class has been very interested in learning about their bodies. We have looked at books, and at our bodies. Here we are making "x-rays" by painting out hands and feet white and then printing them on black paper.

It is kind of hard to paint your own foot!

One mom made an x-ray machine. The patient was slid in one end, and you could peek through a window on one side to see how it was going. We wore protective blankets... well, sometimes.

Looking at the x-ray.

The Doctor will see you!

A team of doctors examine the many babies, and, what? A crocodile?!

It take a lot of caring and compassion to be a good doctor.

Spring is Here!

We are exploring spring in many different ways. Look! It's a flower garden at the play dough table!

Resting in a flower garden.

Making our first day of spring crowns.

Lovely flowers, lovely little girls.

Planting a flower garden, and later, to have a picnic in it.

Wake up! Wake up!

We took our magic wands and our spring crowns outside to help wake up the earth.

Wake up! Wake up, tree! Happy Spring!

Visiting Pritchard Park

Pritchard Park is an interesting park on Bainbridge Island. It was once a creosote plant, which became a Superfund clean up site. It is one of the best beaches on the Island, and the views are amazing, being located at the mouth of Eagle Harbor. 

The weather was beautiful, if not a little chilly.

It is so much fun to watch children create their own play in a natural setting without any toys. This time is was a Magical Kingdom made in the driftwood.

There were many choices for castles, or jails, or whatever they wanted to pretend!

Playing in these setting has it's own risks and challenges, but these are both essential for children, and becoming harder to provide in what seems like an unsafe world.

The ferry passed by.

The kids had fun running, falling, and rolling in the sand. As chilly as it was, they all took off their shoes and socks. One little boy was about to strip down to his underwear, but we encouraged him to keep his pants on.

We collected old bricks from the buildings that used to be there and used them like building blocks.

Treasures, fun, and memories!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun in the Sea Otter Class

We love to dance in the Sea Otter class.

Here we are dancing with rainbows.

There is always important work to do at school.

One day we brought a stuffed animal friend to school. We sang songs with them, and introduced them to our friends, and even built cool block house for them.

Three little people ride in a wagon. No, wait... we really need to move this TV, so hop out! And then one gets to ride on top.


Finally the great day arrived. Here is Team Orca in their uniforms, posing before the Olympics begin. Don't we look excited?

The coaches led us in our warm ups. This cool move they named "Soccer Kicks."

And then, the parade of athletes, complete with the Olympic Anthem. It was really amazing! This little boy took the job of carrying the Olympic Torch very seriously.

Team Orca lines up at the starting line for the running event.

They all ran the hurdles with great success.

The balance beam was challenging, but everyone did very well, and there were some awe inspiring moves on the beam.

We had a throwing event, a relay race involving the whole team running the course and passing off the baton, and some great gymnastics.

Then there was the awards ceremony. Each child took a turn walking out on the platform the building committee had made. They received their gld medal to much applause from the audience.

We are so proud of our medals and the hard work we did!

The reception was a smashing success, and we grandly celebrated the athletes' hard work.

Go Orcas!