Friday, November 20, 2015

We Try Ballet in Class

A ballet teacher, Teacher Branden, visited the Dolphin and Orca classes.

We danced on our toes, and we spun around.

He had to listen carefully and try to do what the teacher told us to do.

One of the great things about being in the co-op is that parents get to do the fun things with us! We love it when parents get into it, too!

We jumped outside of the box, 

and on the box. It was amazing to observe how seriously most of the children took this work.

The Penguin Class Visits the Pumpkin Patch

It was a beautiful day to visit Suyematsu Farm on Bainbridge Island to see the pumpkins. There were so many sizes and colors to choose from!

We explored how they felt, and even tried rolling some.

We got to pull wagons, and ride in wagons. What a great day for everyone!

ICP Day at the Farmer's MArket

ICP strives to be sn Eco School, an international program sponsored in the US by the National Wildlife Federation. "The Eco-Schools program strives to model environmentally sound practices, provide support for greening the curriculum and enhance science and academic achievement. Additionally, it works to foster a greater sense of environmental stewardship among youth."
Our fall quarter goal is Sustainable Food, with a focus on local, whole foods and healthy eating. To kick off this learning, we had a day at the farmer's market.

We had a market treasure hunt.

We looked for different colors and sizes of vegetables and fruits.

We bought one to eat with our family at home.

Many families participated.

And many different kinds of local foods were purchased.

There was dancing, too. Funny, the band leader of Ranger and the Re-arrangers was a past co-op kid!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Dolphins Explore Outside

One day in the Dolphin class some boys discovered boards. What can they do with these?

What if I put this one here and it goes down to this gutter. Oh, let's put this one on the gutter to hold it still.

Look! I can go down it fast when the board tips off the deck!

Or, I can walk up this ramp onto the deck.

How about this? I think it's a surf board.

Get ready to dive off the diving boards!

After exploring the boards, it was time for a little music.

I think this is rock 'n' roll.

And, to finish off the day, let's roast marshmallows over the campfire. There were chocolate marshmallows, and one boy even had wine marshmallows! Delicious!

Exploring Fall

The change of the seasons is always fun to learn about at school. We took a fall walk, starting in our Wildlife Sanctuary.

We looked at the different trees, trying to guess who lived in each one.

We gathered fall treasures to use in an art project.

Look at the size of this maple leaf!

Inside we explored the idea of fall at the play doh table.

It was fun working together to create the woods.

We drew and painted pumkins,

and we listened to fall stories.

Look at this habitat! Lots of thought and planning went into creating this.

Fire Safety

Every year in early October we learn about how to be safe at home and at preschool. A part of this is learning about fire safety.
We visit the fire station where we get to watch a fire fighter put on his turn out gear. 

Of course, going on the fire vehicles, including the fire boat, because we live on an Island.

It was interesting to go in the ambulance.

This young fire fighter did an amazing job with the two year olds.

Being able to get up close and touch everything makes it not so scary.

Back at preschool we did a lot of playing fire safety.

We built a lot of fire station, and also buildings that caught on fire.

We practiced going to our safe place, like these people did.

The Orcas decided to make a thank you treat for the fire fighters. We made cherry tarts!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Please donate through One Call for All

Yes, it's that time of year, the time when the red envelopes appear in Bainbridge Island mailboxes. These envelopes have the power to help thousands. They do through an organization called ONE CALL FOR ALL, the Island's own version of United Way.

Local non-profit organizations can belong to OCFA, who does one major ask annually. This cuts down on all 80-100 organizations asking residents to support their program.

One Call for All
Island Co-op Preschool supports is financial assistance for needy families with funds received from OCFA. Please consider making a donation to our school when you receive your red envelope, or you can donate on line at

Thank you!